Amit Kumar Pandey - Sitar track 1 and 2
Michel Kristof - sound edits, guitar, percussion
Gary Fletcher - MiniBrute, Theremini, effects track 4
Vinnie Paternostro - electronics, programming, mix/master

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released February 14, 2016

Recorded over the course of late 2015 as an experiment in a clash of eastern and western musical philosophies; guided and curated by Michel Kristof.

The music was recorded at random in India, France, and the US and fitted together as a composition in 4 parts.

The Golden Path serves as a recording of the fleeting thoughts of a devoute Samurai in deep meditation; with his weapon fleeting through his mind as if part of himself. The entire thought is merely a blink but unfolds as such.

This concept is an addition to the composition as an afterthought - for the past and future dictate each other - therefore the music is the meditative thought made real influenced solely by each other without conscious knowledge of the players involved.